Thursday, 30 November 2017

PeL Meeting 2017

Salam PeL,

A new beginning with Datuk KP JPPKK. Lots more to do, lets stay our course.
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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Greetings PeL,

Today CeLT and PSAS ( yes PeL Darni was there) visited UKM to meet the imminent Prof Dato Amin Embi at their CTCL, UKM. We discussed about MOOCs and how to use it in the blended form. Prof showed us their MOOC strategies and the future of MOOCs in Malaysia. We shared our progress and showed them our initiatives via eDOLA. They were impressed saying that we are on the right track. They are also suggesting the same approach in UKM.

A main question was answered:

Question: What does a TeCC pedagogy looks like in terms of student activities?

Answer: Team Based Learning is a way Collaborative Learning can be applied.

 What is TBL? Below are some links for TBL:

Click Here for Video 1
Click Here for Video 2
Click Here for Video 3

Hope this helps


Monday, 2 January 2017

Gamification VS GBL

Salam Pel,

Just to clear up the difference between the two. We can use both in TeCC as part of our approach.

Game based learning is also called Serious Games. Please view




for more explanation. Click below to create a game ...


guna Flowlab!