Thursday, 26 March 2015


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Are you ready for the 21th Century?

The pace of change, the technological disruptions are just part of the challenges faced by all of us. As educational institutions, we owe it to our students to prepare them for those challenges. The Blended Learning agenda is part of that preparation. It comes in three axis; The e-Contents, The Learning Spaces and the Pedagogy. This posting talks about the learning spaces and its pedagogy.

All Institutions will eventually be equipped with a TECC (TECHNOLOGY ENABLED COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOM). These spaces must be used with the 21th Century pedagogy in mind, such as Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom. Below is a simplified operational understanding of Flipped Classroom.

Flipped Learning Mechanics

Both the Home (or anywhere) and the CLASSROOM are two very important spaces of learning. The HOME prepares the students with information and static facts, the CLASSROOM puts the knowledge into application. Online and F2F is juxtaposed and complements each other. Reflection can take place at HOME while Experience can be felt in the CLASSROOM or in the field. Collaboration and not Competition is Key to learning. Below is an animation of the mechanics of Flipped Learning.

Flipped Classroom and Collaborative Learning are Here!
Are you ready for the 21th Century? 

Hope this info-animation helps, Your thoughts?


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