Monday, 11 January 2016

The Road to eDOLA2016

Greetings/Salam PeL,

What is in store for us in 2016 as far as eDOLA via our 2016 eLearning Budget is concerned?

The short answer for this moment is that there will NOT be an  eDOLA Night event as we have had for the past three years. Our eLearning budget will entirely be used for the TECC second phase (as of todays news) and that means that are our of funds to have our normal eDOLA grand night is not available.

However, the spirit of eDOLA Competition will continue. Due to these budgetary changes only these eDOLA competition will still continue:

1) The TVET eConvergence 2016
     As stated in the information document.

2) eMicro Content Competition
    As agreed in Pel Meeting Penang.

3)Generation TVET Digital Photo Competition
    As presented in Penang, however, prizes will be limited. Information Pdf will be available soon.

4) MOOC MASTER (Phase One)
    Disccusions with Oplenlearning and PUO will happen tomorrow (13/1/16). As MOOC is a KPI for the Primier and Conventional "A" Polytechnics, then the show must go on. Phase One means that a competition might not be in time for this year,however, the developers will be given certificates of development by CeLT and it will have a score bearing within PeLARAS. More info to come soon.

Only these four competition will be part of eDOLA2016. Hope this helps,

Best of Luck for 2016


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