Sunday, 20 March 2016



Hello everyone, Alhamdullilah, just returned from another very tiring but fruitful journey. BONN was beautiful and very different from BERLIN. BONN is smaller in size and very conservative in design, hence it has an old european feel to it. I PERSONALLY LOVED IT! The journey was 15 hrs by flight and the meeting lasted for two days, 9 -5.30 daily. Hardly anytime to see BONN properly but managed to visit it in the early mornings and late evenings. BONN is also the home of the great european  composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. Here are some of his many music, CLICK HERE or HERE.

The meeting were spent brainstorming and discussing about the need to prepare a GUIDEBOOK FOR TVET TEACHERS IN ICT. The following meeting report can be viewed HERE.

Besides that we also presented the TVET eConvergence2016 initiaitve. It received positive respond from UNEVOC. They have decided to allow us to use the UNEVOC Network logo for our final top 20 videos. 

Hence, with this news we must be prepared to do the best in our video production beginning from pre-production to post. REMEMBER eCONV2016 is all about sharing TVET IDEAS, PERSPECTIVES/PRACTICES. There MUST be a medium degree of reflection by the presenters either from lecturers or students. Please use eConv to share your thoughts. The International Juries will look for Good Presentation skills (confident speaker etc), Good Script, Good Content (IDEAS/PERSPECTIVES/PRACTICES) and Good Video Production values (clarity of video and sound).

The second thing to focus on is Global Thinking. eConv2016 will be seen by international eyes and minds. we have to think like these juries and not be too local minded. Place yourself in their shoes, most of them do not know what a politeknik is or how we function. Do NOT take things for granted. USE the time allocated to effectively introduce yourself, tell your story and  make a strong conclusion.
e.g., Script Structure for Aerial Robotics:
Introduce yourself, tell them what they are about to hear briefly, tell them why you want to share this story and how important is it to TVET, tell them the story in a well structured, non confusing flow, show appropriate visuals as you present, make a strong conclusion based on your introduction and objectives.

Besides eConvergence2016, listed below are some very interesting information via presentations from various organization/countries concerning TVET during the Expert meeting in BONN. Click the titles below to view slides:

E-portfolios and E-resources as integrated part of Norwegian TVET- challenges in vocationalteacher education

ICT in TVET: The Nigerian Experience

DevelopingVET and innovation skills using  research-basedprojects

 INVEST Africa

Developing the ICT Competencies of TVET Teachers: Issues & Challenges

 Issues, Challenges and Interventions in Asia-PacificRegion

ICT competency in TVET- UNESCO IITE Approach and Experience

Inspiring Learning with Technology in TVET: Context & Challenges

Current research of the CHILI lab - Leading House DUAL-T: Technologies for VET