Monday, 3 October 2016

eDOLA: Today and Tomorrow

Salam and Greetings to all PeL,

eDOLA2016 is history.
I would like to congratulate all involved in the making of eDOLA2016. I would also like to congratulate eDOLA2016 winners for their achievements. I believe PUO deserves a pat on the back for their achievement in 2016, well done and congrats to your management team. I do hope that PUO will be able to share their strategy and planning with everyone as part of a capacity building programme. Please make a point to visit PUO or call them for a best practice session if need be.


The ball is in motion, as requested by some PeLs during the recent meeting, here are some early thoughts for edola2017 for you to start your plans:

There are 5 competitions within eDOLA2017: The first four are for PeLs and the last one for MAROs.



Below are the following competition within a pdf format:

More info to come soon, I promise in early November. Please comment for ideas and suggestions.

All the Best


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