Sunday, 25 January 2015


Salam and Greetings P eL,

2015 is an important year for us. Our task will face challenges and definitely even setbacks. However, we have to proceed to ensure that our mission is achieved. We need to be innovative and creative to plan an environment to support our Blended Learning agenda.

The We “R“ BLENDED campaign is our initiative to attract everyone, lecturers and students, into the 21th Century Education. The campaign kicks off with introducing a logo, a brand. The logo shows a student (Human) blending with the Digital World (10101), At the bottom portion of the logo is the tagline: BLENDING 4 TOMORROW. As we defined earlier our goal is NOT just to have online materials in the LMS but to change our teaching and learning approach for the 21st C. With that in mind, the We ‘R” BLENDED campaign is any initiative by the Malaysian Polytechnics (via their eLearning Team) that tries to bring lecturers, students and learning communities together for a richer learning experience.

Please introduce this logo and its purpose in/to as many location (print or online) and people as possible. Make them see the logo everywhere and remember our cause. Try to strategize an effective We ‘R’ BLENDED advertising campaign, The students are also our  focus, try to win their hearts and minds.

All the Best. Together we can do this!

(logo can be downloaded in The Approach page)

Dr.N; CeLT

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  1. beside the poster...let's create an informative BL prints