Sunday, 1 February 2015

Why a Blog?

Salam and Greetings eLOs,

This post is about blogs and why it is important. As we discussed earlier the blogs will act as community nodes of learning. The blogs may be created for various reasons and preferably it must encourage cooperation and collaboration amongst groups, local or international. However there are many types of blogs and not all of them are for collaboration and cooperation. Below is a link to Chris Brogan's 20 Blogging Projects for you.

I personally like these types:

My Town (Projects)
Talk Slowly
A Cause to Connect
Without Words
Tomorrow's Classroom

Click here to view 20 Blogging Project for You.

Hope this helps.As mentioned earlier, each of us is to build an online presence may it be a blog, website or youtube video channel to promote learning or the  management of learning by JUNE 2015.


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